Thursday, January 19, 2012

Design for Media #1

On the dreamer/doer spectrum I'm probably more of a dreamer than anything else, though a dreamer with some aspects and traits of a doer.

More than often, like a dreamer I get these elaborate and over the top crazy brilliant ideas into my head; ideas that always seem to fall short of what it was suppose to be. My ideas are ones that at the time I'm super excited and jazzed about, but sadly end up not fully reaching. However, I never seem to really abandon the idea fully, I merely adapt it or rather mutate the initial idea in order to finish it to completeness.

In short, it's always better in my head than anywhere else.

The areas of Media Arts I'm looking to really delve into are really any of them I hope. However, I definitely have an intense interest and desire to focus more on the film part of it all. In particular I'm looking towards more illustrative cinematic stuff/work. I have really only a background in illustration/doing illustrative work; so I'm looking forward to jumping in and learning something completely new and foreign to me.

I've never really worked with any animation, or done much photography or film work before, but I would definitely like to. I want my areas of expertise to be varied and diverse. I want to be a "Jack of all Trades", but a master of none really, and be equally or at least adeptly skilled at a variety of them. I love experimenting with different mediums, and trying new things.

My goals in general for this course are to learn/experiment with different types of Media Arts, especially film to which I'm completely and utterly in the dark about. I hope to combine what I already know and have skill wise in illustration with film, and more. I love film, I love telling stories and entertaining, so I guess if I could in some way do that I will have accomplished in some way or another what I set out to do.

Past Work:

This is a digital piece I did last semester in my digital illustration class, it's all done in Adobe Illustrator. The project was to create a cultural motif, with only a limited set of colors used. I chose India/Hinduism and did the image of Lakshmi- Goddess of Love & Beauty.

This is a video and the first video really I've ever done. I did it as my final project for my digital illustration class. The project was to take a fairytale, folklore, or legend and sort of retell or show it through the use of cut paper. To which I did a video of a modernization of "Bluebeard" with cut paper puppets for my final project.

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