Thursday, January 26, 2012

Design for Media #2

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa

For my project/Project Hayakawa, I'm thinking of working with abstract figures in landscape; inspired by Hayakawa's photography work. I want to start this post off by talking about some of the sources of inspiration I had for this project; I was inspired definitely by shadow puppets/silhouettes', and also the aforementioned photography of Hayakawa was a source of inspiration, I was also inspired by a film (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) we watched in class during our Round Robin's Tuesday and the various lighting/ different kinds of abstract landscapes and sets present within the film.  

Now! To the actual project nitty-gritty details!

I plan on shooting video footage for this project; and using silhouette body/shadows in a series of close-ups to create the illusion of a landscape. Moreover, I hope to achieve this very illusion through the use of created sets (small houses, trees, etc.) that I will set up on top of or behind and over the body; that will act as shadow puppets or props in a way to really make it look like a landscape at first glance. It will only be by panning the camera out will we see the full figure in its entirety. In the projects finality I hope to have some kind of footage that showcases this in a unique and clever sort of way. 


This is basically some test footage, just to see how the lighting would work so I can figure out the shadows and everything; I'm also considering possibly going into final cut pro and creating silhouettes' using a video effect and some editing techniques that a friend told me about. Considering how well shitty the test footage of the shadows is looking with the screen, I think I might go with the latter idea of using final cut/video edits to achieve the desired look and feel I have for this project.

All in all this project will give me a great opportunity to fully utilize my video camera, and some editing software; hopefully improving my skills in both. :D


The test footage kind of blows, but that's why it's a test! >:O It's sort of just for me so I can figure out what the hell I'm doing and different ways of going about it.

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