Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Design for Media #3

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa (Week 2)

As I said before in my last post, my idea/aim for this project is to show footage of silhouetted human figures, in a series of close ups on the body, depicting landscapes. The body itself will have several varying cut-out forms placed on top of, behind, or perhaps even around it; in order to create the illusion of a landscape. It will be subtle and hopefully not obvious that the cut-outs are placed on a human figure; and the figure itself I'm still debating whether to plan on it being shown (through panning the camera out so you can see the whole figure), or whether I ought to keep it a mystery and cut the reveal entirely by keeping the figure hidden.

If all goes well and I have it the way I planned/intended it to be, in the close ups on the figure it should look like the various scenes/landscapes I created.


Here are some rough (and I mean rough!) sketches I did in Photoshop on the cintiq's in the labs. I basically did theses for ideas on the types of landscapes/compositions and positions I wanted the body to be in. The sketches as a whole were part of my brainstorming and planning for this project.


The second set of sketches I have are examples of compositions/shots I hope to do for the final portion of the project (or rather a rough idea for the set up/composition that might be subject to some minor change here and there).
I basically narrowed done some of my initial ideas I had in the brainstorming part of my sketches. Once I narrowed down which ones I particularly liked and thought looked appealing I went in and furthered those ideas, elaborated on and refined them.


So, basically here it is some of my planning/developmental sketches! I know lots of planning and testing so far for this project :L...but all good things take planning! >:D

Enjoy! <3

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  1. hey! if you do the zoom idea, i have a suggestion.

    If you start so close, you can see in the window of one of the buildings, maybe see the silhoutte of a cat walking or something, and then zoom out slowly, so we can see the whole city scape...and then zoom out more (still slowly) and see the whole figure.

    just a thought. GOOD LUCK! i can't wait to see what you come up with!