Thursday, February 9, 2012

Design for Media #4

 Project Hiroshi Hayakawa (Week 3)

Last week, I posted some brainstorming and composition sketches I had done for this project. After toying around with several of the compositions and some different ideas; I began making the cut-outs, and planning the set up for the final video shoot.

This week what I have for you, are some cut-outs I did for the cityscape. 


I set them up in a cute little city scene on top of Bristol board and took some pictures.

(Just so I personally could see for myself how each one of the cut-outs looked when placed together. :P )

In the end the cut-outs will be taped and placed on a human body/form and set up in a different way; but the change in the placement I hope will be a little one at the most. 

This week I just wanted to make sure I had stuff built; and began the process/set up for filming. 

Furthermore, I’m considering sticking only to the cityscape composition, due to the fact that I feel it’s the most interesting and dynamic of the three I did; though I did implement aspects of the others into it such as the trees for example.

I got together my cut-outs, my model/actress/human landscape (/poor unfortunate victim that has to lay on the floor half-naked as I tape tiny little houses, and trees to their body...); and so I got all this together and began to set up with the screen, some good 'ole fashioned duck-tape, a lamp (with some pretty extreme intense lighting), and I got down to work! >;D

Here are some photo's of my model without the cut-outs on her...sort of trying different poses for fun, and seeing the twist/turn of the the end though I thought it was better I just stick with the initial pose I had planned on.

(Though my human landscape did look pretty cool compositionally all twisty and whatnot. :3)

And here's some more for you all...

Photos of the process/set-up!

(And yes that is a duck-taped lamp on my wall >.>" yeeepp...I was trying to see/make sure the cut-out's themselves would be able to show up through the the end I did the smart thing and borrowed a high-powered desk lamp, one with a bendable neck...problem solved! And no more silly stupidity on my part! lol)

 So...I leave you with this...thank God for duck-tape, strong light bulbs in lamps with bendable necks, and gorgeous patient half-naked models! :D

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