Thursday, February 16, 2012

Design for Media #5

 Project Hiroshi Hayakawa (Week 4)

So, it's the final week for "Project Hiroshi Hayakawa"...

And I'M DONE!!! >:D

And what I have for you all this week is the end product of all my hard work and strenuous endeavors...
Here are the fruits of my labor!
A Video! >;3


I present  to you all my final film! -"Figure as Landscape".

I have posted/uploaded 3 different edited versions of my video (this is partly due to the fact that I could not make up my mind and decide which one to I'm putting them all up!)


1st -

This one is the original version and shows a before landscape/full body, and an after landscape/full body where the cityscape is shown destroyed at the end. :)



After having Charlotte take a look at what I had in my video Tuesday during class, she thought it be best to cut some things down and maybe not go with a second reveal like the cut out at the end to the full body/landscape with the destroyed city on top.



In this edited version, I cut the ending shots of the full body completely.

I don't know which one I really like out of the three, but they all seem to work differently and uniquely in their own way.

In the end...
:) I really enjoyed this project as a whole, because it gave me a bit more practice and experience both behind the camera and with editing in Final Cut Pro. It also gave me some experience thinking abstractly, and on my feet. I had to figure out a concept/idea for this project which took a lot of planning and brainstorming on my part, and also I had to figure out what to do about the lighting/silhouetted forms with the screen. 

Also, it was a test of my pre-planning and organizational skills (my very limited skills that is for the most part) in general. I had to stay on top of what I needed to do each week to progress the project. Also, I had to construct the cut-outs and small parts/segments of the project before I could even start filming. Another key part of this project I had to stay on top of was documentation, and making sure I showed each little part, and every progress  I made throughout the duration of "Figure as Landscape".

I really liked working on this project; and I really liked experimenting and trying new things. 
Overall I have to say I'm pretty satisfied and pleased with the outcome of this project. 
(The only thing that I had a problem with was Blogger being a pain in the ass not wanting to upload my videos >:L and of course being a cheap art student without internet at her apartment lol...><" therefore I'm stuck posting on the campus computers in the wee hours of the morning, and running into these problems :l...yeeppp...lesson learned never ever do this shit last minute!)

And with all this being said...I can't wait to move on to the next one! >;P

Onward to the next project, the next creation, the next Design for Media...
ADVENTURE!!! >;D lol

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