Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Proposal: "A Game of Visual Telephone"

Project proposal:
"A Game of Visual Telephone" 
-telling a 3-part story in 3 weeks!
-in different ways!
-and in different mediums!
My Idea for this project:
A 3-part or 3-act story...beginning-middle-end.
Ex: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl in the end...

I want to do a exquisite corpse of an idea...and give everyone a start with this project and see where we all eventually end up taking it.
Sorta think of it like a game of visual Telephone! :D

The only requirements for this project would be that:
A.) it has to be a 3-part story.
B.) it has to be an original story!
C.) it has to include fire and water (an everyday object/thing that is commonly used, yet abstract and open enough for a variety of interpretations.)

I want to try and propose a project that does the following 3 things:
1. everyone would enjoy doing it (despite differences in majors, and or interests in general)
2. the project itself can be approached in a variety of different ways creatively and in different mediums
3. has everyone in a group to working hand-in-hand, side by side together

My idea/inspiration for this project comes from the premise behind the "48-hr Film Festival", in that they give you a set amount of time and certain requirements that you must meet, (like a certain genre, character name, line of dialogue, or an object that must be included in the film, etc.) yet they allow you to take it in any other direction you see fit.
But instead of it being 48-hrs, we have 3 weeks to do this project! :D

Most of us tell a story with our art, we try to communicate something with each piece we create...whether it be through our films, animations, or our photographs...
We all communicate something! We all tell a story! 

What I would need:
I want to do a film/video for this project; but I want to take the same story, and like a game of telephone, tell it in different ways!
I want the same story told, but in different mediums…one part of the story told with film/video (being live action), another part told with animation, and another told with photography!
In the end I want a combination of the 3 art forms put together in creating an interesting 3-part story! 

So I would need most 9 people or so!

1. A Director
2. A Writer
3. 2 Video & Editing
4. 2 Photographers
5. 1 Audio (Person for audio/sound in all three parts)
6. 2 Animators

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