Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Design for Media #1

Project Duncan (Week 1)

So for the next project…Project Duncan…

I want to do something experimental…

I thought about this project over spring break some and initially was thinking of perhaps filming a scene from a screenplay/script I had written last semester in screenwriting (but after reviewing it I realized it was an ambitious endeavor for only 4 weeks…so I scraped that idea). 

Over break, and as of late I’ve found myself on a David Lynch kick…(all break was spent watching Twin Peaks xP)

My inspiration actually came from a book my boyfriend showed my- “Distorted Nudes”, a book of photo-manipulations done by David Lynch when he was in the process of learning Photoshop.

I was bouncing around the idea of photo-manipulation…like in the book, but I decided that doing something manipulated/distorted and experimental with video would be a more interesting approach and a more beneficial learning experience as a whole. 

Concept wise I was thinking of exploring distortion…distortion of reality, nightmares, fever, illness/hallucinations, etc. (the idea in part came from me being sick and feverish for half of the break…I’m only now recovering :l)


Ideas & Inspiration/Sources of Reference:

(David Lynch)

 (Other Photos/Reference)


Here it is basically…all laid out for you…

So, I want to do an experimental video…

Explore distortion, nightmares, fevers, blurred reality…

Explore using and implementing compositing, green/blue screening, and other effects, in both Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro…

Week by Week:

Wk 1- Planning it all out/tests, etc.

Wk 2- Shooting footage/video, possible initial editing/tests.

Wk 3- Editing

Wk 4- Final, all my shit better be done! ;D

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