Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Design for Media #2

Project Ron Saks (Week 2)

This past Sunday, the group documented a part of my everyday life; they all came over and chronicled me and a friend/neighbor’s cat date! :D

 (Beautiful Photo of my lovely & handsome boy Fenriz, taken by: Henry Scott)

It was an intimate exploration of the loving relationship I share with my cat/son, Fenriz ;P


For Next Week!

Since I was the subject for this week’s post/part of the project (I was portrayed as a cat lady >.>" essentially...)

Me and Henry are following around Jim, and documenting his D&D campaign/game. 

All the action will take place this Friday at 6-6:30PM on the first floor of KH!

I’m going to be filming the campaign, and have come up with some things I need to make sure to have on me/bring for the shoot.

1. Enough memory on camera/Extra SD cards  
2. Fully charged battery/Charger (Just in case you know :D)  
3. Tripod

    Also, I’ve started to plan out some potential shot’s I want of possible various compositions and POV’s.

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