Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design for Media #3

Project Ron Saks (Week 3)-FINAL!!!

So it's the final week of "The Invisible Man"/Project Saks...!

;D Here's what I have for you all...



This project was a great learning experience, not only to work with other people, but also learn about others while viewing them through the lens of my camera…

I took a lot from this experience it was a great opportunity to try my hand at more documentary like film-making.



Jim, I filmed for most of the night through his LAN party and the emergency trip we had to make to the store to get an Ethernet cable/Router.

It was interesting to see how the group at the party interacted with one another. Also it was very interesting for me to see not only this interaction, but also the various dynamic and intimate relationships both Jim and his friends shared with one another.



(As a side note, my apologies regarding the length of Henry’s Video…all parts I feel work well in the video as a whole…however if given a couple more weeks, I more than likely would drastically cut it down in length.)

Henry, I filmed being interviewed by his close friend in the Marines-Greg. It was insightful for me, and overall a very worthy experience as whole. 

It was a very engrossing interview, laid back and casual, like two buddies merely swapping stories. There was depth to this interview and many things I think were revealed not only about Henry but also the whole experience of a soldier and war in general. 

I never expected to take as much from this project as I did, but I learned/experienced a different style of filming, and also getting to know someone. Each member of my group was fantastic to work with; each one was easy to get along with yet prompt and dependable whilst working on this project.  

It was a great experience, and I really wouldn’t mind working with the both/either of them again in the future.


Project Saks.


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