Thursday, April 26, 2012

ZOETROPE! Completed!

Ladies and Gentlemen! We finished the Zoetrope!!!
 "rave man" (a ZOETROPE animation)

So, both me and my lovely partner Jamie Yuhasz both finished work on our final for Experimental Animation! 

What we have is the following: 

-Part One
(Stop-Motion Animation, "The Creation of a ZOETROPE")

-Part Two
(Video, "The ZOETROPE in Action")


Our intent for/with this project was to show our process with the actual project (i.e. construction, etc.) and then show the actual piece itself in action after completion. 

We wanted to try our hand at something neither of us had ever attempted before or rather had even heard of before. This was the first experience or knowledge either of us had regarding a Zoetrope. We also wanted to try and focus on and explore the areas of motion and light; while also creating a project that was both unique in the realm of experimental animation but also one that was engaging enough yet still provided a broad opportunity for exploration on our part. We wanted a broad creative outlet to really explore the idea of a Zoetrope, while also leaving it open enough for our own development and interpretation. 

Also we wanted more than anything to create something that is both enjoyable and fun! 

It wasn't what we initially had planned for the project, but what resulted I believe was more than satisfactory; and I think I speak for the both of us in that we are quite pleased with the results. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Design for Media #5

Project Duncan (Week 5)

So I wrapped up filming and started editing my footage late last week or so...I've been working on it here and there trying to improve on it some... :l it's a very long tedious and brutal process...(between battling broken AC's, solitary and often maddening editing in a private lab/closet, curious and often irritating interruptions...and the works...)

I have something close to, if not finished I think by now. :)

The initial video before this was like 6mins 30secs or something, so I cut it down quite a bit...

Also I mixed together various songs, made some of my own and sort of just put them together to keep with the experimental quality and factor with this project.

This editing process both with the audio and the footage, was literally a great and amazing opportunity for allowed me to mess with, experiment, and try new things with both Final Cut Pro, and also with Soundtrack Pro as well. 

I honestly feel like this whole editing process was a fantastic and worthwhile learning experience for me. I mean by just fiddling around with/in these programs I've discovered a variety of different things and learned a multitude of stuff one can do in these programs. Including but not limited to...making strobe lights in Final Cut Pro! :D

So, here's what I have!!!

Bare with me, I know that I probably have way more editing to do on this/that could be done on it...I'm aware of this fact. :o 

I just got it to this point right now and am at a standstill, I've developed tunnel vision with if any of you have suggestions or things that might help/improve the final piece...please let me know! 

I am all ears! :D


Monday, April 23, 2012

ZOETROPE! Progress!

I figured since my partner in crime on this project posted progress, that I should as well...

So, the lovely Miss. Jamie Yuhasz and I are making a Zoetrope for our Experimental Animation final...

Here's what we have so far...!


Also, we plan on doing a Stop-Motion video of our process creating the Zoetrope and of our initial construction...the final portion will be a video showing the Zoetrope/all four parts of it in action!!!


It'll be quite the show! More progress soon!!!

(As a side note! YAY! First non-d4m post! lol)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Design for Media #4

Project Duncan (Week 4)

So, I started filming! I filmed a total of 3 different models, 1 male, 2 female. It was my first experience filming nude figures so was awkward a bit but definitely a positive learning experience! 

I've pretty much finished filming it all. I've also begun editing it, so hopefully I'll have either some screenshots showing my process on editing or the finished product!

I also just learned how to make contact sheets in Adobe Bridge too so yay! :D

Thus, what I have for you all this week are some of the stills from what I've filmed...

-Enjoy! <3



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Design for Media #3

Project Duncan (Week 3)

So, sadly I wasn't able to start the actual filming for the final process of the project. 

So, I decided to step back and think about what I could do, and what I really should/need to do for the project at this current point. So, I thought about it and decided the best course of action to take probably before I started the actual filming was to get all my duck's in a row and do some tests first. 

So, I filmed a little of myself...just close-ups of my bare shoulder and my mouth doing scary weird funny faces; then took the test footage I had a conducted some tests, screwing around with green screens/overlays, and effects to see how I might want the final to look and feel. 

The test's in themselves provided some interesting results I think, and because of them/these results I feel I have a better understanding of what I might want the final to look like. 

Here are some varying screenshot's of me messing around in Final Cut Pro, and conducting some tests, as well as some actual test footage:



(Test Footage)

So, all in all I feel like I now have more of a direction and plan of action!! :D

Oh! Also, I made some music to go along with the video in Soundtrack Pro...but I'll prolly debut that in the final video! ;P <3

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Design for Media #2

Project Duncan (Week 2)

So, I did some planning for this week, planning out some compositions and different shots I may want to try. The drawings themselves are just some quick sketchy/gestural like ones I did real quick given an hour in Photoshop...

These are basically just so I have an idea of what I'm aiming for. So nothing too amazing or special... :l

Also I was thinking of maybe doing something with green screen, along the lines of texture/design or pattern. So, I made some green screens right here in Photoshop.

Again nothing too amazing. Though I'm excited to see them in action working with/overlayed on top the footage...


In regards to footage, I took some test footage of myself that I plan on using for tests...which I'll post on here sometime soon. Also, this Friday I'm hoping to start filming the first of three of my models. :)

Stay tuned! <3