Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Design for Media #3

Project Duncan (Week 3)

So, sadly I wasn't able to start the actual filming for the final process of the project. 

So, I decided to step back and think about what I could do, and what I really should/need to do for the project at this current point. So, I thought about it and decided the best course of action to take probably before I started the actual filming was to get all my duck's in a row and do some tests first. 

So, I filmed a little of myself...just close-ups of my bare shoulder and my mouth doing scary weird funny faces; then took the test footage I had a conducted some tests, screwing around with green screens/overlays, and effects to see how I might want the final to look and feel. 

The test's in themselves provided some interesting results I think, and because of them/these results I feel I have a better understanding of what I might want the final to look like. 

Here are some varying screenshot's of me messing around in Final Cut Pro, and conducting some tests, as well as some actual test footage:



(Test Footage)

So, all in all I feel like I now have more of a direction and plan of action!! :D

Oh! Also, I made some music to go along with the video in Soundtrack Pro...but I'll prolly debut that in the final video! ;P <3

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