Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Design for Media #4

Project Duncan (Week 4)

So, I started filming! I filmed a total of 3 different models, 1 male, 2 female. It was my first experience filming nude figures so was awkward a bit but definitely a positive learning experience! 

I've pretty much finished filming it all. I've also begun editing it, so hopefully I'll have either some screenshots showing my process on editing or the finished product!

I also just learned how to make contact sheets in Adobe Bridge too so yay! :D

Thus, what I have for you all this week are some of the stills from what I've filmed...

-Enjoy! <3




  1. Wow these look so cool! Eerie almost. I love black and white and the contrast of the silhouettes is super intense! I am so excited to see your finished video!

    p.s. if you wanna tell me how to make contact sheets in bridge that'd be sweet... help a girl out! haha

  2. lol, I just learned myself haha...umm let's see I think if I remember correctly 1. load up bridge 2. like select the folder or whatever your photo's are in, so like all your photo's are shown on the screen...3. go to output & have all the photos and stuff selected...turn it to a pdf 4. set it to whatever size and stuff you want like how many columns etc. whatever preferences you like...then save it as a pdf :o...yea and I got them to jpegs by converting them using zamzar or whatever online but there's probably a way easier way that I don't of...but I can get them to pdfs! lol hope this helps some?

  3. next time you should make a small trailer of the video, it would make things a little more interesting and it doesnt even take long to render a small trailer with the post other then that Good work

  4. Great collection of shots! Your next step is to edit the arrangement of the sequencing… how will you hold the viewer or direct the viewer's eye through your shots based on how you order the shots. Really play with the arrangements… the more sequences you can show us (based on things like black/white relationships, a "narrative" etc.) the better for feedback!