Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Design for Media #5

Project Duncan (Week 5)

So I wrapped up filming and started editing my footage late last week or so...I've been working on it here and there trying to improve on it some... :l it's a very long tedious and brutal process...(between battling broken AC's, solitary and often maddening editing in a private lab/closet, curious and often irritating interruptions...and the works...)

I have something close to, if not finished I think by now. :)

The initial video before this was like 6mins 30secs or something, so I cut it down quite a bit...

Also I mixed together various songs, made some of my own and sort of just put them together to keep with the experimental quality and factor with this project.

This editing process both with the audio and the footage, was literally a great and amazing opportunity for me...it allowed me to mess with, experiment, and try new things with both Final Cut Pro, and also with Soundtrack Pro as well. 

I honestly feel like this whole editing process was a fantastic and worthwhile learning experience for me. I mean by just fiddling around with/in these programs I've discovered a variety of different things and learned a multitude of stuff one can do in these programs. Including but not limited to...making strobe lights in Final Cut Pro! :D

So, here's what I have!!!

Bare with me, I know that I probably have way more editing to do on this/that could be done on it...I'm aware of this fact. :o 

I just got it to this point right now and am at a standstill, I've developed tunnel vision with it...so if any of you have suggestions or things that might help/improve the final piece...please let me know! 

I am all ears! :D


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