Thursday, April 26, 2012

ZOETROPE! Completed!

Ladies and Gentlemen! We finished the Zoetrope!!!
 "rave man" (a ZOETROPE animation)

So, both me and my lovely partner Jamie Yuhasz both finished work on our final for Experimental Animation! 

What we have is the following: 

-Part One
(Stop-Motion Animation, "The Creation of a ZOETROPE")

-Part Two
(Video, "The ZOETROPE in Action")


Our intent for/with this project was to show our process with the actual project (i.e. construction, etc.) and then show the actual piece itself in action after completion. 

We wanted to try our hand at something neither of us had ever attempted before or rather had even heard of before. This was the first experience or knowledge either of us had regarding a Zoetrope. We also wanted to try and focus on and explore the areas of motion and light; while also creating a project that was both unique in the realm of experimental animation but also one that was engaging enough yet still provided a broad opportunity for exploration on our part. We wanted a broad creative outlet to really explore the idea of a Zoetrope, while also leaving it open enough for our own development and interpretation. 

Also we wanted more than anything to create something that is both enjoyable and fun! 

It wasn't what we initially had planned for the project, but what resulted I believe was more than satisfactory; and I think I speak for the both of us in that we are quite pleased with the results. :)

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