Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Design for Media #6

Project Duncan (Week 6)

So, I cut down the run time of my video drastically from last week...going from 5min 11sec down to 3mins and 6secs...

I think this cut helped the piece exponentially! It flows way better, and based on the feedback received last class, the final outcome of my project I am far more satisfied with. 

So, thank you everyone! For the helpful suggestions and feedback received! You guy's are great! :3


Final Version! of D4M/Project Duncan! 
"Distortion "

This is a experimental video based/inspired by David Lynch's "Distorted Nudes" book.

The video itself focuses on the subject matter of dreams and nightmares and the distortion of that reality and our perceptions during it; how during the strangeness of a dream or during the terror of a nightmare one is utterly and essentially nude and vulnerable to the situation and the experience. This is much like how one is literally and essentially nude and vulnerable sexually.

Thus, I chose to display images and visuals that were abstract in nature but also in a way nightmarish, and sexual at the same time. I wanted something that was beautiful, strange, scary, nightmarish, and sensual all at the same time...

This is what I got...

And I have to say that I am quite thrilled with the results! :D


The music was all mixed and the final outcome/product of it essentially made and complied by me. In the video is a variety of different sounds and tracks made by me on Soundtrack Pro, Aviary, and mixed with two David Lynch songs, and with part of a Hex Vessel song mixed in reverse.

All this thrown and mixed together is what makes the audio; much like how the footage is all thrown together and carefully pieced and overlayed to create a visual of distortion and abstract imagery.


Moreover, I have to say that this project was for me what "Distorted Nudes" was for David Lynch, it allowed me to experiment with and learn Final Cut Pro more proficiently.This whole experience was fantastic and I absolutely loved every second of "Project Duncan". :)

Now for next week, the final week for this project I'm still unsure of what I'm going to do exactly but I was thinking of maybe trying to figure out a way to creatively present my final piece in an engaging and interactive way. :)

Stay tuned!

-Hannah <3


  1. I am glad you cut it down I really like this also I know you been working really hard at this and it shows alot.

    your awsome

  2. OKAY. heres my thought...
    I think you should keep the entire length about 2 minutes. I KNOW THATS GUNNA BE HARD> but i think it'll help to keep people interested all the way through. My favorite clip is 2.08-2.15...I love the way the shapes are within eachother, and the flow and negative shapes that are created. LOVE LOVE.

    I don't know if that helps a whole lot, but those are my 2 cents. I'll be excited to see what you come up with for next week.