Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Design for Media #7

Project Duncan (Week 7)

Finished! Finito!!

"Distortion" (An Interactive Piece)

Video Glasses Test/Experiment-"Distortion" (An Interactive Piece) from Hannah Rivera on Vimeo.

So, what I decided to do for the last week on this project was to try and figure out some way to make this piece interactive...


So, I went to try out the head of MFA here at CCAD, Ric Petry's video glasses...which he so graciously let me borrow over the weekend...because he is super rad and awesome! :)


(Thank you Ric! :3)


So, yep...I went forth and had my video playing inside the glasses and had people watch it while I filmed their reactions and first impressions...


Here's what I got!


-Enjoy! <3


(Also as a side note! We really ought to get these things for the gallery here at CCAD :l just saying...ahem *hint hint* ;P)



This project was probably the most enjoyable yet...and I must say I'm kinda sad to see that it is all over...well here's to you Design for Media!!!

Cheers it's been Real Daddy-O! Catch you all on the flip-side! ;3

-Hannah <3

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