Thursday, May 24, 2012

DING! DING! DING!! I think we have a winner! (Logo & Business Card)

So after posting my past design's and logo considerations as well as a rough business card design, on the CCAD Animation Collective's facebook page (seriously the best organization at CCAD in my opinion :3), I recieved a ton of helpful feedback from was great!

So, after alot of feedback and really helpful critiques I used the original designs sort of as a jumping off point and a basis of inspiration...

I really changed alot and pretty much the whole design...I think I like this one a whole lot better though!

(Also, as a side not the logo design, and the front of the business card are both ambigram's meaning it's the same right side up as it is upside down :3...yep pretty cool I think...and suprisingly harder to do than one might think...)

Ah, well enough it is!!!

-Enjoy! <3



I think this is all in all a vast improvement from where it was before in my opinion, but like all things there's still room for if you have any suggestions or critiques please leave some. It would be absolutely lovely to get feedback of any kind. :)



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