Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventures in AfterEffects!

So, I started to finally try and explore Adobe AfterEffects these past days/now going on months rather...I actually finished this like a month or so ago, but just now have gotten around to actually posting my bad folks. :)


This was sort of just an experimental video I did to kind of try out and play around with Adobe it's pretty much one of if not the first real thing I've done with AE...the project was as a whole with this video was to try out new stuff in AE and play around with trying to better teach myself the program. I still have a long way to go...but here's my start.

The video was done using both AfterEffects, and Premiere. Some of the footage used was stock footage I gathered and then later altered/edited...the rest for the most part was filmed and or created by me.
Audio is a mix of a variety of different stuff from/by- ambient sounds, The Legendary Pink Dots, The XX, and Nachtreich...all edited and complied together into a track.



Gravity: it's the one force that keeps us here...stable...our feet on the ground.
The one undeniable truth is that despite how we rise,
                                      we all fall...try as we might- to rise off the ground we can't stand; stable, firm, and unyielding.
Strong and resistant to the winds of conflict and the divergences of everyday;
                we clash against this gravity- against this defeat like waves.
We are the waters of the ocean, hitting the shore...only to retreat.
Our eyes opened to this truth...a dancer in wildfire- stepping, leaping over flames.
We as mankind will always fall, fail...and face these odds against our rival-gravity. This defeat is our purpose but also our promise...and yet against all odds- against gravity itself...
                there is another truth; we all get up- rise, rise up and fight, dance for survival, for the promise that while our feet now touch the ground beneath us one day we will stand, ascending, unbroken, we will awaken and we will fly.
The perception predates and precedes us; it is now and it is thus.

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