Thursday, August 1, 2013

Collaborative Projects- Project Proposal

1. Project Description:

For this project I propose a kind of Scifi-Western of sorts…I'm thinking something along the lines of the classic sort of revenge tale. This project I'm seeing as being a short film perhaps only about around 5-10 minutes or so in length (15 maybe if we really want to push it I suppose). Ultimately what I'm proposing with this project is a video that utilizes both video and live-action elements as well as animation- CGI/3D, motion graphics, special effects etc. I think it would great to work alongside and combine all our areas of expertise into one mixed and working piece that using a bit of video, animation, and a bit of everything essentially. 

2. Narrative Levels:


The plot I have thought up so far consists of this…the man/protagonist travels to a fringe and wild outlaw planet full of vagabonds and dangerous criminals in order to enact revenge on the gang that slaughtered his family. He tracks them down one by one, killing them and eventually finding the man responsible for it all he finds himself in the inevitable showdown facing the man he hates and that took everything from him…the man he has vowed to kill etc. (I'm thinking that instead of the traditional guns and horses kind of western that they would instead utilize some kind of mechs or robotics) And it ends perhaps with the protagonist facing off with him in one final stand off in a one on one old gunslinging western mech robot showdown! 


Science Fiction, Western, Crime, Action


I see the Protagonist of the story being a human male maybe about young adult to middle aged. I see a rugged sort of family man with a harsh exterior, perhaps with the whole Anti-hero thing about him. 

The Antagonists could be a mix between human or alien (lol if we want to get that creative I don't know) and I see them as a sort of gang or band of criminals, a tightly formed group with a leader. The leader of course being the one who ultimately is behind or in charge of the slaughter of the protagonists family. 


For the setting it takes place in the future and is both futuristic but with an old West kind of feel. I'm kind of imagining it to be in the way far off distant future, that is a blend of ultra futuristic but also old west/victorianesque feeling…kind of steampunk even sort of but not totally. I'm thinking it could take place on 2 planets (well basically 2 different areas mainly) one being very peaceful lush and garden like…maybe a kind of prairie look to it, and this could be where the story starts; the second of the planets/areas could be some kind of place that is the opposite of the first and could be harsher in environment whether it be dry, sandy, and/or hell maybe even snowy, a sort of decaying or dilapidated area could work too. The second of the setting I'm thinking could be a place/planet where it is full of criminals and vagabonds and this could be where the story eventually ends. 


Style wise I was hoping that it could be in a way modeled or inspired by both a blend of the modern scifi movie and that of spaghetti westerns. I'm thinking with a darker more gritty kind of mood to it. It could be shot in a series of quick cuts or flashbacks showing the viewer what happened and leading up to the final moment of the story which could be the showdown. The lighting could vary based on what needs to be done with it I suppose, but I think most of it may be natural looking light. I was thinking for color palettes it could have a very grunge sort of look about it mainly using earth tones and the like (Browns, Greens, etc.) 

Example for colors/palette I was thinking of below:

ROSA from Jesús Orellana on Vimeo.


The conflict/drama of this story is simple and is revenge driven. The man/protagonists seeks revenge and or justice for the killing of his family. 


The theme is a sort of "Out for Revenge" kind of theme, one where it focuses on the achievement of justice/revenge and the righting the wrongs etc.

3. Visual Reference/Inspiration:

Firefly (TV Series)

Cowboy Bebop (TV Series)

Deviant Art artist- robotnicc (


4. Timeline: 

-Figure out story/flush out a script
-Map out Story/Preliminary stuff, figure out the look and feel then start Storyboard/Concept art
-Start work or process needed for CGI and or animation stuff
-Find/figure out locations for shooting as well as actors
-Figure out overall setting and/or costuming if needed
-Continue work on CGI stuff
-Film/green screen
-Reshoot if necessary etc.
-Assemble and put together rough edit
-Continue edit and polish the final piece

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